I've been sketching and brainstorming a blog concept idea over morning tea for awhile, trying to think of something good to present at Django-NYC and also use as a new blog engine for myself. I finally got my hands dirty a few nights ago and published Django-Mingus.

The project's name is Mingus, a Django powered blog engine available on github (previously hosted on bitbucket). Great, just what we need - another blog engine. Agreed. The overarching concept behind producing Django-Mingus is twofold though...

  • An example project introducing reusable applications for a lightening talk at Django-NYC. Mingus itself leverages only existing reusable apps, and django-snippets. The project itself defines no models (db schemas).

  • Mingus gives me a basic starting project for me to further develop, source code to reference during examples and therefore source code others can follow along with, creating opportunities to discuss various topics - deployment, integration, branding, etc. Essentially, eating my own dog food and talking about it along the way.

It also comes with 5 default themes to choose from (really just varying color schemes). Those themes are: Basic, Dark, Django, Minimal, and JeffCroft. You can view screenshots of them over on flickr tagged 'mingustheme' .

Again, this is just a quick introductory post, a lengthier post will be published soon. For now, to play around with Mingus, take a quick peek at the quickstart guide posted in the wiki.

By no means is Django-Mingus complete. The templates need some love, there are usability enhancements available, etc. Details on that and more coming soon.