In early September I'll be heading out to Portland, OR to join a bunch of smart people talking about all things Django. This year I snuck myself into the mix.

I'm honored to have been selected to give a 15 minute how-to talk on "How to name your open source Django project after a famous Jazz musician, and concepts behind Django-Mingus, a project leveraging only reusable apps." The how-to will focus primarily on the latter topic, but don't you worry, I plan on making sure we cover the former in full as well. The talk itself is a spin-off on the lightening talk I gave at the July Django-NYC meetup where I first introduced the open source Django blog engine, Django-Mingus.

If you haven't attended a DjangoCon yet, I suggest you go buy yourself a ticket asap - it's a terrific learning and networking experience, and a very organized and well run conference. Purchase your DjangoCon tickets before its too late, and you miss out on all the good times.

Now it's time to get everything in order to make a 1.0 release of Mingus before DjangoCon! I will probably use this blog as a forum to talk about making the 1.0 release, and rolling with that idea I'll post the features for the next 0.2 version and the larger 1.0 feature set goals. I will also publish the "Concept behind Mingus" post I've been working on and off now for too long, along with some screencasts for those looking to get a quick peak at the project. And with that I better get a move on.