To keep those following along updated I wanted to post a list of features you can expect as we move towards the 1.0 version of Django-Mingus. For those using with the 0.1 version right now — you are completely fine. There is nothing "wrong" with the 0.1 version, and a few blogs are live with it right now, actually. However, since the project gained some popularity I've decided it should be upgraded to a complete 1.0 version at some point in time.

Just a reminder, Mingus is more about being an attempt at a learning tool first, and then a blog engine second. It's an attempt, I'm sure if you look you'll find areas to suggest better practices. If you do want to contribute feel obliged to please post suggestions for the community on the Django-Mingus issue list. The reason I mention this is because you may notice a feature being introduced that simply exists as a how-to, or a snippet being introduced that is a popular utility in a Django project that I normally use and I assume you may be interested in using yourself. I'm still learning myself, and I'm always looking to add new ideas, better ideas, etc so please feel free to pass any of yours along. Thanks!

Version 0.2 changes

  • An example, custom view, on how to leverage a reusable app view in the project.

  • An example of retrieving an external RSS feed and displaying in a template, via template-utils

  • Implement blogroll feature.

  • A Settings model, so you can manage blog specific settings in the Django Admin versus the file.

  • Replaced django-elswhere with new django-basic-elsewhere project.

  • An example of new Django 1.1 feature called inline list editing via the order field in django-elsewhere.

  • Included django-markup.

  • Added a markup field to Blog model, so the translation is handled before passing along to template

  • Included django-compressor.

  • Included django-google-analytics.

  • Included django-robots.

  • Included django-debug-toolbar.

  • Included Smart {% if %}.

  • Included django-view-cache-utils.

  • Meta description and keyword overrides.

  • Some issue list fixes.

  • Cleanup related to the above.

  • Syntax highligting.

As far as when this will be officially released, I really don't have any hard dates to offer. I will say this, 0.2 will be ready by DjangoCon for sure. I hope to get it out the door sooner, of course. I'll keep you posted if follow me on twitter and here on this blog. To find out what's planned to get to the 1.0 version release, check back soon. Thanks.