Update: Well, there's no QA like opening something up to the wild. Thanks to reader feedback we've tracked down a bug in one of the new reusable apps that Mingus employs. I've contacted the author and I assume a 0.9.7 release will be out shortly. For now, feel free to play around with 0.9.6(HEAD).

Update 2: I've bumped Mingus up to 0.9.7 tag which resolves the related issue. So both 0.9.7 and HEAD are "stable". Details to come in tomorrow's roundup post.

As I noted above, I'll have a more detailed post coming shortly, but the Django-Mingus 0.9 release is now available on Github. There have been some fixes since 0.9 was tagged, so version 0.9.6 0.9.7 is the current stable release. Please submit any issues you find to the Mingus issues section.

If you can't wait for the forthcoming blog post that will detail the updates, there's the new CHANGELOG and of course there's always the git log you can peruse for all the finer details. Enjoy!