I was honored to be invited to post an article for a special series Django Advent created by Rob Hudson and Idan Gazit. The title of my article is "Everything I hate about Mingus" and in it I discuss:

"... obstacles faced and lessons learned managing an application that relies on so many reusable apps, and experiences in managing a small, open source project."

The Django Advent project is only a week old and already has a handful of terrific articles, from various authors, covering the new features in Django 1.2 which is the next stable release expected to ship in early March.

Django Advent also features one non-1.2 related article every Friday (which is how I snuck in). There are more than 10 articles left in the queue, with more being added I believe. Make sure to check it out and subscribe to the - Django Advent RSS feed.

Thanks Rob and Idan for inviting me. It was a pleasure.