I'm excited to launch the new blog design today.

Powered by Pelican, the popular Python static website generator, this new blog is a hosted on Amazon S3.

In an effort to launch the new design sooner rather than later I've pushed some design decisions I'm not 100% sold on yet including font deck, color palette, constrast, etc. Other things, like a build process for compressing and optimizing static assets, have also been left for future iterations.

Overall I believe the quality is good enough to launch and that's important. I could tweak this simple design until I'm blue in the face and that's no good either.

So I walk that fine line between good enough and unacceptable with this first release. For this type of project this is fine.

As with any project there will be further critical review, experiments, feedback, and iteration. I anticipate this will become one of those 30 minutes a week side projects where I tweak here and there.

If nothing else I should consider writing more often. In the past few years I've been busy with a handful of local projects, among other things, including Asbury Agile, Hacking Asbury, and the Jersey Shore Tech Meetup. Moreover, the past 5 years have been the craziest/most rewarding of my life. There's plenty of inspiration for writing.

Finally, my blog was previously powered by Mingus, the open source Django blog engine I released at Django-NYC four years ago this July. My Mingus repository has been stagnant for some time now but there are some forks that continue to progress the project. Overall I'm happy with where the Mingus project has landed. I think it executed well at exactly what I had set out for it to be — a learning tool.

Since the release of Mingus I've learned about it being used in Django workshops, and heard from people about how it was a good introduction into the world of Django — providing examples of reusable apps, using pip and virtualenv, and constructing a Django project. It also opened up a few opportunities for me. I spoke at DjangoCon about the project and wrote an article for Django Advent discussing the project as well. All that and I learned a lot from doing it too.

That's about it for now.

Oh, for those curious, I used PlaceIt for the generated screenshot above. I thought maybe someone reading this would find it useful for their own purposes.

Thanks for reading.